The light tactical cruiser is the ship you are looking for. Instead of packing heal beams, it has murder beams and its role is to shoot down corvettes. Sadly the light cruiser family is under tuned in just about every regard, so there is very little point in playing them. You cant even call it a glass cannon since its damage is middling at best, the only time it does any respectable damage is for the few seconds you can keep your beam intensifier up while putting damage to weapons. Inversely, having the mighty Healtato on your team might as well be a win condition.

I think the fact that players are asking if there is a ship to do the job that the light cruisers are supposed to be meant for is pretty good sign that they are currently in need of some love

Be in a match with only T2 ships available

enemy team has a T4 corvette

Well, guess i'm just fcuked then