Daily contract "win battles" does not work properly. It seems to count lost battles as wins instead.

Successfully reproduced by losing two games in a row after this daily contract popped up.

Answered? No, not by an official.

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There will be 2 servers.North American which will be located in Houston and Europe in Berlin

Doubt it. Source?


over at gamescom the Dreadnought developers told us that Dreadnought is in fact going to have dedicated servers. Since the physical location of the servers influences the latency towards it a lot I simply wanted to ask where these servers are going to be.

Europe? Berlin (where Yager is based in)? Amsterdam? Frankfurt?

North America? Houston (6ft/greybox location)?

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The Evolve beta was just a "wait-for-server" and then a "too-many-player". Fck Evolve beta, ok? :D

The Gamescom playable version looked very unbuggy, maybe there won´t be that much bugs

Well, sometimes you couldn't select your class (black screen, random class until game start) and the game completely crashed once. Besides that there were no real game-breaking bugs, but we got told that the devs know about these gamescom-build bugs and already fixed them but were too afraid to break even more with pushing a rushed update.

So yeah, not completely bug-free but that's what you got to expect. I'm sure there are going to pop up tons of bugs during alpha (every player got an unique setup + we're able to mess around more).

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Hey everybody, this is the kind of feedback we LIVE for. Thank you! I will make sure this thread gets in front of the right folks. :)

That's nice to hear. I hope I can provide more useful feedback during the alpha. Thanks for forwarding this to the developers.

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this is very good idea but we can't make wikia without knowing much for the game.Or the devs can't make a wikia because they are changing the game many times.

Maybe we could do it like Riot Games does. Besides more or less verbose stats ingame they got a webpage ( with all the information for pro-players and 3rd party developers.

As far as I know these values are being automatically grabbed straight from the game files, hence they're always up2date even without some employee having to spend his time on updating it after every patch.

About the customizable interface suggestion:

Please don't. UI mods could be a thing but allowing users to move around UI components ingame adds too much potential bugs and maybe too much complexity to the game as well. A good UI should be fine for the vast majority of players.

by the way: is color-blind mode a thing already?

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i don't find it hard to understand.Maybe because i saw it many times

Exactly. You get the drill after a few games but it's confusing if you're new to the game. Maybe that's because a huge amount of games (especially MOBAs and MMORPGs) use red or green colored health bars - the only non-blue-ish fixed HUD thing in the game is enemy team stats.

I fear it might discourage new players to keep playing, that's why I'm suggesting this tiny change.

Hey guys,

I stumbled upon the Dreadnought booth at gamescom this year and decided to play it a bit because the line was really short at the trade visitor-only day. I started to like it better and better the more games I played (which is a total of about 25-30 games so far, love it), but there's one thing that bothers me a bit.

As you might have guessed by the thread's title already I'm talking about the game's GUI/HUD. At the current state it's extremely confusing and hard to understand.

Some things you should really get done asap:

  • Color health bar red

    Crucial information like this should be highlighted by a color different to the rest of the UI. Red is usually used for health (and Dreadnought uses it for enemy health bars already)

  • Add team score to scoreboard

    Even though this adds a bit redundancy it makes it easier to keep track of it while checking your own stats.

  • Highlight own kills in the kill announcements

    Why? Because it makes it possible to see if you were able to sneak the kill with one glance.

  • Add a compass (either to the minimap or to the top of the screen)

    When we got challenged by a team of 5 other dedicated Dreadnought players on thursday (or friday? can't remember) we got told that teamspeak was running in the background. As a former semi-competitive AoE2 player I'm used to do a lot of shotcalling which was extremely inconvenient without being able to tell what direction enemies are coming from.

    As a result to that we were limited to using the mark-enemy-feature which is completely defeating the advantage of being able to talk to each other.

  • Add more verbose stats for vehicles, weaponry and skills

    Theory crafting is kinda difficult if everything you have is estimated values. Keeping a wiki updated might be a good idea as well.

Maybe I'll add visualisations of the requested changes after the Dreadnought party tonight.

Greetings, Che.

PS: Please rename my forum account to Che if possible as this is my actual online handle. Too bad names are currently limited to 4 chars minimum :(