Schreib es in den Post:
Ist immerhin ein offizieller Dev Post, würde da mehr aufmerksamkeit kriegen

Devs haben bereits dieses problem erkannt und einen post darüber gemacht das sie an verbesserter Kommunikation arbeiten

Wouldn't that just promote "noob grinding" in the Recruit matchmaking for Ships in Veteran?
Same then with Legendary players in Veteran

Kommunikation ist Key
Teams mit Sprachchat haben immer einen Vorteil, ist in jedem Spiel so

Try to unlock a Level X tank in World of Tanks.
THAT'S grinding

There are games that are much more grind heavy than this

/edit Spelling

Personally, i don't think that the game is too grindy

I am back!

Didn't played the game since closed Alpha but boii ..
this game is still amazing.

Just a bit worried about the lack of player in Veteran


The game will have a pay4cosmetics, but yeah. Pls support that smile