Thanks for the feedback Cybergal2k14! I'm going to try that out later today. I do have to admit that I secretly was hoping for VR support smile

Hi all,

I have an issue with my Oculus Rift. Whenever I start the game, he starts the rift. Screen is all messed up because the interface is not rift compatible. I have installed no extra software besides the Oculus Store(required for the rift).

Only way to play with normal view on my monitor is setting the screen to windowed, full screen or windowed full screen enables the rift.

Anyone else have something similar or am I the only one with a Oculus Rift CV1?

greetings FamousRaptor

ps. Helping me will make sure that I will wait 3 seconds before I broadside you. Who can resist that!

How about multiple shield emitters that you need to disable in sequence. I'm saying in sequence because the slow ships will not be able to catch the attackers if they attack an emitter on the other side of the map.

Or attackers can launch asteroids with asteroid cannons or sorts. Defenders will have to take out asteroids and the cannons.

I really alway liked classes that could do a little of everything. Destroyer is my thing. But then again, I also liked the heavy classes. So dreadnought will probably be the alternative favorite. Broadsides looks soo cool and fulfilling!

That would be great! I'm really looking forward to new footage and seeing how far you have gotten with the game

Well, it's called an alpha for a reason. Anything broken can and will be fixed.

pffff, anyone can fly a dreadnought(actually, anyone can fly an class of ship smile). But flying an destroyer is where the true art lies.

ps, can a destroyer also use fighters?

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I was kinda hoping that by registering no soon Signs ups were available I would have had better possibilities to be picked between the firsts.

Well, too bad xD

This is slightly lame indeed, I, like you, signed up the day they opened beta signups, and still got no invite. Meanwhile a lot of 1-posters here are wondering what this game they got a code for is smile

Like I said before, the devs with in mysterious ways. There probably is some kind of logical reason for the invites or they just don't like us hehe. I'm just glad they send out codes. Meaning they will send more in the next phase. It no longer is just devs and family.

I've always liked allrounders and have shown some interest in the destroyer several times on the forums. Can't wait to get in the alpha/beta to test it out.

Unfortunately there are not that many movies about the destroyer. Only one that I see a lot is the one with the plasma ram. It's the kind of weapon I dislike. I'm very curious about other versions!

Have I mentioned that I can't wait to play the game? smile

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Don't think they count in forum posts. There are a lot of persons with just one post who are in. I kinda think it might be random or region related.

I did not receive a invite.

Region or even age related?

Maybe they want more mature people for this delicate phase.

I didn't get in too.

I'm 33, how old do you need to be smile

I don't think we will ever find out. The devs work in mysterious ways. Perhaps the force is not strong enough in us young padawan. I'm just convincing myself that I'm just to good and they don't want to be embarrassed every time they face me in battle. Seems only logical!(in my head)