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Community Map Spotlight: Geode Terrace
Posted 04/16/15
This week's Grey Goo Community Map Spotlight is Zen-Zinxe's 'Geode Terrace', a 1v1 map with a unique and beautiful look unlike anything we've seen on the Steam Workshop.
Replay Mode Screenshot Preview
Posted 04/10/15
In case you missed our hidden page on the website over the holiday last weekend, here's part of what we hid!

We reveal the first Replay Mode screenshot...

Producer's Letter - April 2, 2015
Posted 04/02/15
Cody Bradley, Producer on Grey Goo, talks about the game's future development as we work to include new features like Replay Mode, Observer Mode, and more! Have a read...
New Lore Video: The Pull
Posted 03/27/15
While humanity takes a step back in exploring space, commander Lucy forges ahead to discover her true destiny. She takes to the stars despite the advice of MUM, the Human races central AI network.
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