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New Lore Video: The Pull
Posted 03/27/15
While humanity takes a step back in exploring space, commander Lucy forges ahead to discover her true destiny. She takes to the stars despite the advice of MUM, the Human races central AI network.
New Dev Diary Video: Epic Units
Posted 03/19/15
The Grey Goo team talks about the mother of all units in the game, the Epics! Have a look as we talk about the Hand of Ruk, Alpha, and the Purger!
Grey Goo Successfully Purges PAX East 2015
Posted 03/17/15
A Purger-sized thanks to everyone for visiting our Grey Box booth at PAX East 2015 and making this latest event a huge success! Here's a breakdown of all the fun and excitement from the show floor.
Public Test Branch Announced
Posted 03/12/15

The Public Test Branch (PTB) is live this weekend! This branch is to help us further gain your valuable feedback and confirmation of fixes on intended gameplay changes.

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