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Parture (Human) vs. KingAlpher (Shroud)

Dec. 13, 2017, 2:47 p.m.

Parture (Human) vs. KingAlpher (Shroud)

King Alpher and Parture (me) were about 60 minutes into a game when the game kicked out.

He got to Dirge 3, but I had a strategy to neutralize his Dirge 3 but it takes a long time. He was all spent on his resources and all he had was Dirge 3. By attrition I took down most of his structures transported to with Lancers and avoided his Dirge 3 range. Wherever his Dirge was, I was not. His Dirge 3 is really slow so gives me time to attack everything else and just avoid the Dirge.

About 60 minutes into the game, everything slowed down to a crawl and then about 5 minutes after that the game kicked out so it is not on replay. We played last night.

I would have loved to watch that replay.

I don't suppose GreyBox will fix this problem.


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