Grey Goo® Tournament Series FAQ

The Tournament

What is the GGTS tournament?

GGTS stands for the Grey Goo Tournament Series, which is Grey Goo's largest official tournament ever. With a total cash and prize pool of $75,000 USD, including an expense-paid trip to PAX South, this tournament will begin with a series of three online Qualifiers that lead up to the Main Event on January 29-31, 2016 in San Antonio, Texas!

Who can participate?

All Grey Goo players that are residents of countries applicable to the official rules and abide by other legal restrictions (age, residency, etc.) can participate.

How can I enter?

Tournament is now closed, thanks for your interest!

What are the prizes?

All participants in the Main Event will have an all expenses paid trip to PAX South in San Antonio, Texas to compete in front of the world! The Main Event prize pool is $30,000 split between all participants invited, with 1st Place receiving a whopping $10,000. Each of the four Finalists invited during our three Qualifiers will receive a portion of $2,000 too.


How do I become eligible for a Qualifying Event?

On Friday, one week before each Qualifier, we will invite the Top 16 players on the 1v1 Leaderboard who have registered to play in the Qualifier. If for any reason one cannot attend, the next highest player will be invited. These players will participate in a Double Elimination Pool bracket with the Top Four players advancing to the GGTS Main Event as Finalists!


When are these events?

Each Qualifier will be online, so you will be perfectly fine playing at home! The dates are: Qualifier One - September 26th, Qualifier Two - October 24th, Qualifier Three - November 21st.


What if I cannot participate in a Qualifying Event?

Even if you cannot attend a qualifying event, depending upon your rank, you can still be named a Wild Card, so still register! The top eight players who were not in any of the Top Four from a Qualifier will be designated Wild Cards and flown out to San Antonio along with the Finalists to play for a chance at a seat in the Main Event. You CAN participate in a Qualifier and still be a Wild Card, just not place in the Top Four (because then you're already going :P).


May I participate in multiple events?

Players are allowed to participate in subsequent Qualifying Events ONLY if they did not place in the Top Four at the previous event they participated in. Players must maintain their Top 16 status on the 1v1 Ranked Leaderboard by the time the next Qualifying Event begins to be considered eligible for additional Qualifiers..


I placed in the Top Four at a Qualifier, now what?

Your seed for the Main Event is determined by your place on the Leaderboards at the time of the third Qualifier, so keep playing! We'll have an affidavit for you soon to fly you out to San Antonio, so get your passport up to date if you need it and keep January 29-31 open on your calendar!


Main Event

Where will the finals take place?

The Main Event of GGTS will be held on January 29-31 during PAX South 2016 in the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas.


Do I have to bring my own computer equipment?

No, all equipment will be provided for you. If you have specific gear you wish to use instead (mouse, keyboard, etc) we can accommodate that so long as it contains no macros or "hacks".


How will player accommodations be handled?

We will be providing flight and hotel stay. Participant are solely responsible for any other unspecified expenses and costs related to the travel prize, including without limitation meals, ground transportation, gratuities, incidental hotel expenses, excess baggage charges, upgrades, and any and all federal, state, and local taxes on prize, including special airport taxes and fees.


May I bring a friend or family member to watch the event?

Of course, though they will have to pay their own way. There may be additional expenses to access the venue once we have announced the location of the Main Event for any friends or family you bring.


What if I’m a Finalist and I can’t attend?

We will select the next most eligible player to take your place. You still receive your share of the $2,000. Please let us know immediately when you find out that you are not able to participate in any of the successive rounds that you are scheduled for.



May I change factions mid-tournament?

Yes. Check the full rules and regulations here for more info.


May I choose someone to replace me if I’m unavailable?

No. If you cannot participate and have already qualified at some point during the Qualifiers, we will select someone per the order of participants. Players not present for Check In thirty minutes prior to the start of their Pool during the GGTS Main Event will be replaced with the highest available Wild Card.


What if I see someone cheating as a participant or even a stream viewer?

If a player is found to have altered the match state in any way they will be disqualified. Please contact us if you discover someone cheating. Ensure that you provide direct and complete evidence of the case before contacting us.


What happens if a player’s game crashes?

In the event of a disconnect, disconnecting user will have 1 minute to reconnect in accordance with in-game countdown timer. If they have not reconnected and the match ends (called a "game-ending disconnect"), the match victory will be awarded to their opponent.

If a player has had repeated disrupting disconnect issues (but not resulted in a game-ending disconnect) within a three minute window (based on the in-game clock), the Tournament Admin may award a victory to the connected player.



Visit for all the details on the tournament, including updates on the qualifiers as they occur.