Once a great spacefaring culture, the Beta have fled, beaten and broken, to Ecosystem 09 (Nine) after war has torn their civilization apart. With the sacrifice of their last starship, they hope to utilize the ample resources of Nine to rebuild, and to perhaps one day return to the stars.


Built from the scraps of their last starship, the Beta colony on Ecosystem 09 (Nine) is born out of necessity. Once a thriving culture, everything they craft is a reflection of their ultimate purpose: to defend their society from the chaos that threatens to consume it. Upon gathering catalyst, Nine's valuable resource, the Beta rely on their skycranes to transport supplies and construct their outposts. While highly mobile, Beta forces must connect these outposts to power hubs in order to establish their forces. Like the Beta's structures, their combat units value mobility. Beta units are expertly piloted by individual soldiers, but they are only as powerful as the hand of their commander. A skilled leader can construct multiple outposts in resource-rich or easily defensible locations to gain an advantage on the battlefield.


Aran (Commander)

The surviving son of the great Beta leader Sagah, Saruk is an idealistic young commander who dreams of the day the Beta can return to their rightful place as voyagers of the stars.

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Bas (General)

The Beta Bush General (Bas), Barca is charged with engineering and maintaining supply lines between the resource fields south of the Barrens and Sagah’s Keep in the North. He is Saruk's commander and mentor.

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Saruk’s sister by marriage, Alin is also his link to the battlefield, providing support as his quartermaster and Skycrane pilot.

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Aran (Commander)

One of Bas Barca's most effective commanders, Naiko is known for being uniquely single-minded and aggressive.

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