Explore. Gather. Report. The Pathfinder program was created by Humans as a way to chart the Galaxy. Though the program was retired, the Goo continued its mission into the farthest reaches of space. Now, it has reemerged. Having evolved beyond its original programming it is seemingly driven by a single directive: consume all that stands in its way.


Originally engineered in the late 21st Century as an exploration tool, the Goo was the key to unlocking Humanity's passage outside of the Solar System. Able to access the inaccessible, it revealed the Galaxy's secrets and charted traversable paths stretching across the Milky Way. As the undiscovered became discovered, and the unknown disappeared, the Goo had fulfilled its purpose and was ceased...or so it was thought. More than a century has since passed, and the Goo has returned from the last remaining darkness of the Galaxy. It has altered, evolved, and is set on a path of destruction leading back to its creator.