Generations removed from space exploration and concluding themselves alone in the Galaxy, Humanity is surprised to hear a strange signal coming from a planet on the edge of charted space. As a young scientist leads an excursion to investigate the anomaly, she discovers that humanity's warring past cannot fully be put to rest.


After centuries of expanding into the far reaches of the Galaxy, Humanity discovers only darkness — and war. Convinced they are alone, Humans retreat back to Earth to preserve what is left of Humanity, and to end war permanently. In the process of decommissioning their instruments of war, mankind concludes that the most deadly instruments are they themselves. War is a product of human nature. They fully pull themselves above the decision-making loop, relegating the majority of action to their AI constructs until the signal arrives that reminds them of their past. With only an academic knowledge of warfare and access to the greatest technology in creation, the Human expedition on Nine must resurrect their old instruments of war and return themselves to the seat of command. Their own survival, and potentially the survival of all life in the Galaxy, depends on it.


Lucy Tak
Mission CDR

Generations after Humanity ceased exploration of the stars, Lucy Tak commands a science expedition to investigate the source of a mysterious signal coming from a planet at the edge of charted space.

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A Valiant Commander, Singleton is a relic from Humanity’s warring past, escorting Lucy Tak's expedition to appease concerns back on Earth. When unanticipated threats emerge, Singleton proves to be Lucy’s most trusted advisor on the battlefield.

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MUM (Multi-user Mainframe) represents the combined artificial intelligence assets used by all facets of Humanity’s official government.

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Mission Specialist

Redgrave is the leader of the Alpha attachment that accompanies Lucy Tak's expedition to Ecosystem 09 (Nine). Despite being highly trained and equipped for high-risk missions in extreme environments, Redgrave and his Alphas are tested by the unexpected perils encountered on Nine.

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