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Downloadable Content

Available now, downloadable content expands upon the existing Grey Goo universe to provide more story, more emotion, and more excitement.


An ally turned enemy, Singleton's journey remains a mystery to his former companions. Once thought lost, he emerges as the leader of the Goo army on a path of destruction. But what happened to cause such a terrible turn? This 3 mission mini-campaign follows the events of Singleton immediately following the explosion at the Terminal and reveals the true motivations behind the overwhelming Goo force.

*FREE download for anyone who already owns Grey Goo. Offer ends June 11th at 11:00am CDT.

Grey Goo “Best Of” Soundtrack
Feel the pulse of a world at war. The “Best of Grey Goo" soundtrack combines the sonic firepower of Frank Klepacki (composer of Command & Conquer) with the depth and scale of the Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra to fuel an RTS experience unlike any other.