Game Features

Map Pack 1

Announcing the Grey Goo 2015 Map Pack, a collaborative effort between Petroglyph and Grey Box! Made to compliment existing maps, this pack brings nine new, experimental maps to unranked play. Available now, these free maps will appear in-game automatically when you launch Grey Goo.

Controlling the central chokepoints are key to triumphing on Canyon. Holding them will deprive enemies of valuable catalyst. Starting bases provide safety but limited catalyst, forcing expansion and confrontation in the middle of the map. Asymmetrical pathways provide variation while remaining balanced through careful catalyst placement.
Secret Garden
This mirrored map shines in competitive play. Elevated terrain near resource pools provide important defensive locations. The edges of the map contain numerous chokepoints for small skirmishes, while the middle is large and open, allowing giant armies to fight one another.
High Ground
Eight spigots dominate the middle, allowing all three factions to make extensive use of the plateau. Chokepoints surround each starting base, allowing ample use of walls and Goo high-ground tactics. Classic King-of-the-Hill with a twist!
Withered Crossroads
Your enemies attack from all sides in Withered Crossroads. Each starting location is safe at first, protected on multiple sides by rocks that can be destroyed. Other starting bases are nearby, so expect early aggression, or be the aggressor yourself.
Tainted Wasteland
A change from the classic 4-corner style map, Tainted Wasteland features tug-of-war style of gameplay. Use superior economics to out-spend your enemy and drain the shared catalyst pools, then push in toward the center to deny precious resources to your enemy.
Multiple levels of elevation near the center create a unique battlefield. Large catalyst pools dominate the area, but plenty of catalyst on the edges allows players to avoid the middle altogether. Making use of elevated positions by placing artillery can greatly improve base defenses.
Naiko’s Refuge
Strategy and planning is key to victory in Naiko’s Refuge. A mix of high and low ground throughout the map can be used to set up useful artillery positions. Large amounts of brush near the center of the map allows for easy ambushes, so scouting for enemy positions early and often is very important.
Bluffs of Mora
The Bluffs of Mora support both large-scale battles and sneaky tactics. Build a massive force and waltz through the front door or utilize stealth to sneak units through the brush and flank the enemy. Goo players can make use of numerous peaks spread throughout the map.
Kre's Field
Kre’s Field is large and open. Like a sweeping plain, there are few chokepoints and few places to hide. Unlike most maps, the center is not the stronghold. Large catalyst pools on the map’s perimeter allows players to avoid the middle altogether. Due to its large size, scouting enemy bases and positions is key to victory.