Ecosystem 05

Ecosystem 05 (Five) is a planet locked in a struggle between bitter cold and searing fire. Geothermal heat slowly erodes the last vestiges of an ancient ice age.

Perched at the end of the “The Necklace"—a string of habitable worlds that circles the center of the Milky Way—Ecosystem 05 (Five) shares a history similar to that of Earth. Millions of years ago, it was thrust into a deep ice age by a major solar event. But unlike Humanity's home, it never fully awakened.

Massive geothermal vents create a temperate zone isolated in the planet's polar glaciers. Such a combination of ice and steam has also been known to produce storms of whiteout flurries that make navigation impossible—an important consideration for early Human explorers mining the area's rich Catalyst stores.

Geographical Data

  • Terrain: 4.1 billion years old
  • Radius: 4,596 km
  • Distance from sun: 199,500 km
  • Mass: 9.91e20 kg
  • Population: 0
  • Moon(s): Elsa
This place does wonders for my skin.
- MS Niko Taira, 22nd Century Alpha Pilot