Ecosystem 08

Ecosystem 08 (Eight), or Lagerstätte, is a land etched with the stories of giants. For eons it was the domain of colossal archosaurs, until a planet-wide volcanic eruption brought them to an end. However, the legacy of the once dominant megafauna lives on, fossilized in an enduring sandstone surface.

Both Human and Beta prehistories are marked with extinction events that decimated giant archosaur populations and created new paths for mammalian life. Ecosystem 08 (Eight) was spared such an event and its dinosaur equivalents continued to evolve for millions of more years before they were made extinct by a super-volcano much later in their history.

The surface of Eight is dominated by deserts. Many of its arid regions contain vast expanses of giant fossils forged in the ash of an ancient supervolcano. Referred to as “the Graveyards" by the Humans that once inhabited the planet, these once-revered areas are the only places on the planet that remain rich in Catalyst.

Geographical Data

  • Terrain: 9.9 billion years old
  • Radius: 6,542 km
  • Distance from sun: 210,005,000 km
  • Mass: 2.05e31 kg
  • Population: 0
  • Moon(s): Hammond
We returned to Earth because we feared destruction. Not from clouds of burning ash, but ourselves.
- Human colonist, unknown