Ecosystem 09

Ecosystem 09 (Nine), or Crux, is an oasis of biodiversity perched on the edge of a mysterious region known as Silent Space. It is this precarious location—and its vast stores of natural resources—that put it in the path of a conflict that will ultimately determine the fate of all known life.

Discovered by Humanity at the end of their exploration era, Ecosystem 09 (Nine) was the last location installed with a beacon relay and keyhole monitoring station as part of their quest for intelligent life in the Galaxy. It was abandoned shortly after, leaving its supply of rich resources entirely untouched.

In flight from destruction, the Beta are drawn to Nine. They welcome the discovery of the world as an asylum from years of war with the Silent Ones. The settlers choose to dismantle their last ship and use it to build a new beginning for the Beta race. They call the planet “Falkannan," or Haven.

Geographical Data

  • Terrain: 6.3 billion years old
  • Radius: 5,744 km
  • Distance from sun: 175,550,000 km
  • Mass: 5.26e22 kg
  • Population: 6,820
  • Moon(s): Párashen and Jeron
I have stood at the edge of the stars and called out into the void. The silence responded that we are alone.
- Ujin Tak, Radio Astronomer