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Grey Goo Launch Trailer Released
Posted 01/16/15

Grey Goo launches on Jan. 23rd, 2015 on PAX South weekend! Watch the trailer here and then visit the steam store at:

Win a key to play the game at launch!
Posted 01/15/15
Here's your chance to win one of the first access keys to Grey Goo! All you have to do is select one of these character images below from the three Grey Goo factions and create a MEME out of it.
Video Dev Diary: Creating the Soundtrack
Posted 01/12/15

Frank Klepacki has created hundreds of hours of audio for some of the great RTS games since Command & Conquer. Watch this latest dev diary on how he put together the soundtrack!

Humans: Architects of Destiny
Posted 01/08/15

Humans are an advanced and powerful military force, capable of defending their base against a massive onslaught, and then taking the fight to the enemy quickly.

Singleton Seen at CES!
Posted 01/08/15

More photos of Singleton from CES! With the launch of the new website next week, we will be revealing more about this character.