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Goo Unit Spotlight - Specialized Units
Posted 11/04/15
Goo is in the spotlight today! We dig deep into more about this faction's specialized units: the anti-air Tempest, sacrificial Dweller, long-range Crescent, and the protective Bastion.
New Recognition System
Posted 11/03/15
Get rewarded for your skill and dedication on the battlefield. The Player Recognition Update includes the Recognition and Reputation Systems!
Grey Goo Tournament Series Overview
Posted 10/28/15
The Grey Goo Tournament Series (GGTS) is getting intense! Are you interested in participating, or wanting to watch the next Qualifier round?
Watch GGTS Qualifier Two!
Posted 10/23/15
This Saturday, October 24th, is the continuation of the Grey Goo Tournament Series with Qualifier Two kicking off at 6am PDT / 1pm GMT on Twitch.
Goo Unit Spotlight - Core Units
Posted 10/22/15
Goo is in the spotlight today! We explore more about this faction's core units: the defensive Drover, offensive and Drover friendly Strider, stealthy Radiant, and devastatingly tanky Destructor.