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Unit Spotlight - Human Air Units
Posted 10/14/15
Today we are spotlighting the Human's air units: the stealthy Monitor, tough Scythe, and bomb wielding Scimitar. These are the units that are going to get you air superiority!
GGTS Qualifier One Recap
Posted 10/09/15
Missed the first Grey Goo Tournament Series qualifier? Karen and Sean got your back in this recap of the event!
Unit Spotlight - Human Core Units
Posted 10/01/15
Today we are spotlighting the Human core units: the defensive Trident, hard hitting Revolver, stealthy Dagger, and tough and tanky Gladius.
Weekly Top 16 GGTS Leaderboard Players
Posted 09/30/15
See who's in the Top 16 below for the week of Sep 29! These players are the next potential qualifiers for Qualifier Two. Congrats players!
Qualifier One Matches This Saturday!
Posted 09/25/15

This Saturday is the official start of the Grey Goo Tournament Series with Qualifier One matches kicking off at 10am PDT / 5pm GMT on Twitch!