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Unit Spotlight - Beta Core Units
Posted 08/19/15
We've made a bunch of changes to the faction pages of the website you may have not seen yet. Today we are featuring the Beta faction's core units: the Commando, Stalker, Predator, and Seeker!
Map Pack 2 Now Available!
Posted 08/12/15
The Grey Goo Map Pack is back with a second installment! We're introducing four brand-new maps and adding some new biomes to our Grey Goo Map Editor.
Game Update for August 11, 2015
Posted 08/11/15
The hotly anticipated game update is live! As our previous livestream revealed, we have been working on some cool new features, including the ability to build your own custom scenarios!
Grey Goo 'Livestream and Win' Giveaway
Posted 07/21/15
You've seen our Grey Goo streams and now it's your turn! With Observer Mode and Replays added to the game, there's never been a better time to show-off your Grey Goo expertise