A bunch of new top secret info has been added to the faction pages of the website! We included new statistics and comparisons with other faction's units, as well as a great deal of lore on how the unit came to be included in the faction's army.

Today we are featuring the Beta faction's core units: the Commando, Stalker, Predator, and Seeker!

For the complete unit list, visit the Game Info page at: https://www.greybox.com/greygoo/en/info/


What causes a civilian to choose to enlist?

In general, the Beta are a very selfless people. Though pacifists by nature, at the earliest onset of any conflict, volunteers line up for miles to enlist and defend the Beta people. Recruitment is so widespread, troops are left without adequate armor and weapons. This was never more evident than when the Goo first attacked the Beta on Ecosystem Nine. Thus, the Commando was born - a basic cannon wielded by a single Beta soldier.


Where did the Stalker get its unique shape?

The simplest combination of man and machine, the Stalker houses a single Beta firing a single, large cannon. The bipedal legs of the Stalker are repurposed hydraulic lifts scrapped from the remains of their derelict spacecraft. It was originally shaped like a large creature in order to ward off smaller, aggressive animals, but Ecosystem Nine features very few of these. Still, the design has survived many iterations.


What does it mean to be a Predator?

The Predator is the Beta's first attempt while stranded on Ecosystem Nine to craft a vehicle with specific military purpose. The Predator is a very recent design, and has not yet been fully tested in combat situations. The canopy holds four high-velocity cannons that fire in a burst and can rotate a full 360 degrees, allowing the Predator to skirmish with enemies. The Predator is named for its ability to effectively chase enemies while also firing on them.


How useful is a unit without any weapons?

When they took refuge on Ecosystem Nine, the Beta decided to scrap their spaceship in an effort to rebuild society. Many of the ship's advanced sensor and navigation components went unused for months, until a particularly resourceful Beta decided to combine them and put them into a maneuverable four-legged machine. Now, the Seeker provides an all-in-one suite of useful surveillance and detection solutions.

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