The hotly anticipated game update is live! As our previous livestream revealed, we have been working on some cool new features, including the ability to build your own custom scenarios!

Want to build a desert wasteland that's rife for conflict? How about that arctic tundra map? Build it and players will flock to your Steamworks uploaded map!

Included in this update are:

  • Four new maps with unique biomes
  • Super challenging new AI levels
  • Map editor custom scenario support
  • Ability to pause a multiplayer match
  • Several balance changes for each faction
  • Resolution of community reported bugs

Balance changes include the Beta faction able to build a hanger bay immediately after the refinery is completed. You are no longer limited to just the starting unit, placing a refinery, and then a factory. You can now build the hanger after the refinery to send air scouts out to explore the map faster than ever before.

Check out all of the details in the game update post in the forums.