Attention Commanders!

Grey Goo is returning to PAX South bigger and better than ever with the Grand Finals of the Grey Goo Tournament Series! For anyone living under a rock the past few months, the Grey Goo Tournament Series is a competition pitting 20 of the best Grey Goo players in the world against each other for the lion's share of a $30,000 prize pool.

These Grand Finals will be held on the show floor of PAX South at the Grey Box booth #12021 January 29th to 31st. If you're attending PAX South, stop by and join in on the fun! We'll have awesome stuff to give away as we celebrate the very best the Grey Goo community has to offer.

The schedule for PAX South is:

GGTS Schedule

As you'll notice, we have a lot of exciting plans for Sunday in particular ;)

Be sure to follow our channel and tune in to Twitch during all three days of the show so you can join us as the action unfolds! As a primer, check out this brand spankin' new preview of everything going on with GGTS at PAX South.