You've seen our Grey Goo streams and now it's your turn! With Observer Mode and Replays added to the game, there's never been a better time to show-off your Grey Goo expertise to the world and we want to thank everyone for supporting Grey Goo. We will be randomly thanking one livestreamer each week who has showcased their Grey Goo skills on their Twitch channel and they'll win $50 in Steam Wallet credit.

How To Participate:

There are eight chances to participate! Each week's contest period runs from Friday, 12am PDT / 7:00 GMT to the following Friday, 11:59pm PDT / 6:59 GMT

Beginning June 19 at 12am PDT / 7:00 GMT, participants can start submitting their streams and winners will start being chosen from the previous week's entries. Every streamer will have a chance to win each week that they livestream.

With the first drawing on June 26 at 10am PDT / 17:00, the previous week's submissions will be reviewed and one random lucky channel will win! This giveaway will reset every Friday morning for new submissions. The final drawing is held on August 14 at 10am PDT / 17:00.

Submitting Your Entry:

Let us know what your channel is, and then livestream Grey Goo on Twitch.TV for a minimum of one hour during each week you wish to be eligible. To be eligible, you must post a link to your channel here in this subreddit post.

Winners will be notified via a shout-out on both Twitter and Twitch direct messaging on Friday at the start of the next week's giveaway cycle.

Be sure to have archiving turned ON so we can check out your amazing Past Broadcasts!

So spin up those streams and get your Grey Goo on, we'll be watching with popcorn in hand!

The Prizes:

One channel every week will win a $50 Steam Wallet Card!

The Rules:

ENTIRE CONTEST PERIOD: Friday, June 19, 2015 (12am PDT / 7:00 GMT) through Friday August 14, 2015 (11:59pm PDT / 6:59 GMT).

* To be eligible, participants must stream Grey Goo on their Twitch channel within the appropriate Grey Goo Twitch directory.
* Your Grey Goo stream must be a minimum of one hour in length to be entered.
* Streaming another game while under the Grey Goo directory will not qualify.
* During the eligible stream, Grey Goo must be prominently displayed on-screen.
* A channel is only eligible to win during the week that it streams Grey Goo, to re-enter for next week's drawing the channel must stream Grey Goo again that week.
* Channels on other streaming services like or will not qualify for the giveaway, but feel free to spread the word!
* Streaming Grey Goo multiple times per day or per week will not increase your chances of winning (although if you wanted to stream more, we appreciate it!)
* All streams must follow Twitch's Rules of Conduct to qualify.

See full Rules and Regulations here

Good luck and thank you so much, Streamers! We'll be watching!