The Grey Goo Map Pack is back with a second installment! We're introducing four brand-new maps and adding some new biomes to our Grey Goo Map Editor. Just like before, these free maps are available now. They will appear in-game automatically when you launch Grey Goo.

Check out these beautiful previews of the maps and their new biomes:


Featuring the first winter biome released for Grey Goo. This chilly, 1v1 map has multiple small catalyst pools spread across its icy surface. There are a lot of frost-covered resources here for everyone, so stay focused on gathering them. You can play this map a number of ways, but remember to move at a brisk pace. Concentrate on base building or use one of many pathways to strike at the cold heart of your opponent. That's the last pun—our word is as solid as permafrost.


Catalyst pools abound within this temperate land. Resource pools can be found along the edges and at the center of the map. However, the biggest ones present the most risk. Many of the highest-yield pools sit in the shadows of large hills, making them vulnerable to attacks from high ground. Designed for 2v2 games, this map is mirrored at 180 degrees, which means optimal strategy will depend on whether your opponent is above, below or right next to you.


This area has experienced the full force of the Goo's destructive power. The blue scarring across its surface is nearly all that is left. However, some signs of life remain—the Goo was driven out of the area before the catalyst was completely absorbed. The center of this 2v2 map is especially rich in resources and features four high-yield pools that are all linked together. Use brush and high terrain around these pools to solidify your hold on the faded landscape.


This desert hides plenty of wealth in its shifting sands. Shattered Vale is a 1v1 battlefield with isolated resource pools distributed across its arid surface. Due to its large size, there's plenty of room to expand into new locations throughout the match. There's plenty of high terrain too, but not all of it can be reached by Beta and Human players.

New Maps, New Fun

Give them a try-- we're eager to know what you think! We'll also be livestreaming some of these new maps in upcoming weeks, so keep your eyes and ears tuned to our Twitch channel.

You can also visit Grey Goo's Steam Workshop section for even more maps, all created by your fellow players. If you're interested in creating a map of your own, just utilize the Terrain Editor Guide which is included with the game. We have a guide available in the forums. Who knows? We might even end up spotlighting it!

Learn more about these maps on the Map Pack 2 page.

Have fun creating new campaigns!