Get rewarded for your skill and dedication on the battlefield. The Player Recognition Update includes the Recognition and Reputation Systems, which are designed to help you keep track of your in-game accomplishments, build status as a commander and feel even more connected to the Grey Goo community.

There are 21 Accomplishments below that you can achieve in-game. Also check out the 35 Achievements in the Steam Community Hub!

Are you ready to dominate these objectives?




Small Potatoes Destroy 2,000 Tier I units (Drover, Strider, Trident, Revolver, Commando, Stalker)
Tanks For That Destroy 2,000 Tier II units (Predator, Hailstorm, Gladius, Howitzer, Destructor, Crescent)
Fly The Unfriendly Skies Destroy 2,000 Anti-Aircraft or Combat Aircraft (Cloudburst, Warbird, Nimbus, Longbow, Scimitar, Scythe, Tempest)
Appreciate The Support Destroy 2,000 support units (Dagger, Monitor, Seeker, Stratus, Radiant, Dweller)
Packs A Mean Punch Destroy 2,000 siege units or Proteans (Avalanche, Lancer, Small Protean, Large Protean)
Epic Destruction Destroy 50 Epic units (Purger, Alpha, Hand of Ruk)
Critical Hit! Destroy 360 HQs, Refineries, Factories, and Mother Goo.
So Meta Achieve Rank 10
Low Hanging Fruit Complete 40 multiplayer games (ranked or unranked) as any faction.
Goo-vy Win 100 skirmish matches as the Goo faction.
You Beta Believe It! Win 100 skirmish matches as the Beta faction.
Oh, The Humanity Win 100 skirmish matches as the Human faction
The Great Blue Blob Complete 360 multiplayer matches as Goo (ranked or unranked)
Industrial Excellence Complete 360 multiplayer matches as Beta (ranked or unranked)
Power Player Complete 360 multiplayer matches as Human (ranked or unranked)
Who Needs A Plan? Complete 360 multiplayer matches as random (ranked or unranked)
Galactic Rumble Win 200 four-player free-for-all matches using any faction (ranked or unranked)
Getting Steamed Complete 35 Steam achievements
Spymaster Enter 50 matches as an observer
Analyzer Watch 50 replays
Grey Goo Master Max out all possible Accomplishment and Achievement points for Grey Goo (Rank 11)

Don't forget to visit the Steam Community Hub to track your Steam Achievement progress!