Today we are spotlighting the Beta faction's air units: the stealthy Stratus, tough Warbird, and bomb wielding Nimbus. Want to command the skies? These are the units that are going to get you air superiority!

Which air unit do you tend to use the most?


This quick aircraft has a long legacy.

Having just landed on Ecosystem Nine, the Beta had no idea what kind of world they would find upon landing. Aran Sagah, needing to provide immediate safety for his dwindling population, envisioned this aircraft. A close cousin to the Seeker, the Stratus utilizes advanced sensors and speed to scout enemy locations and escape safely. It is ideal for keeping tabs on specific units for long periods using deployable beacon technology.


Being a Warbird pilot means something special to the Beta people.

Unlike most Beta, Warbird pilots can directly trace their origin back several generations. The majority are descendants of pilots who flew the Beta spaceship on its flight to safety from total destruction. Due to this, tradition dictates only they be allowed to train on a Warbird. Other Beta do not mind this. It is a source of great pride for all when a pilot is finally given their assignment, as it serves as another reminder of the tragic history and culture they all share.


The Nimbus weapon system is unique to all the Beta units.

Like the Avalanche, the Nimbus requires more than one Beta to successfully operate - one to pilot and one to control the weapons system. Specialized canisters were created to serve as the payload. Instead of being fired from a barrel, the canisters are dropped. Forgoing guidance systems means more explosive power. On impact they detonate, causing extreme devastation to enemies nearby. Some canisters contain additional chemicals that mix and burn over a long duration, effectively working like napalm.

Which Beta units are your favorite? Visit the forums to discuss these units and keep watch for the next round!