Units are getting a makeover on the website! We've made a bunch of changes to the faction pages that you may have not seen yet. A new lore section has also appeared for each unit.

Today we are spotlighting the Beta faction's specialized units: the Cloudburst, Hailstorm, Avalanche, and Guardian.

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Many Beta seek the spotlight of piloting a Cloudburst.

The Beta's homeworld was destroyed, not from within, but from above. Since then, Beta have had a keen interest in watching the sky. On Ecosystem Nine, this mindset eventually became the Cloudburst. Extremely mobile and armed with target-seeking missiles that can travel long ranges, piloting a Cloudburst is considered one of the highest honors to which a Beta can aspire.


Where did the aptly named Hailstorm come from?

The Hailstorm was actually an attempt to scale down a weapon that was considered by many to be completely unwieldy and impractical. While that weapon eventually found a use on the Hand of Ruk, the miniaturized version was popular enough among military theorists that it quickly began full-scale production. With research, Hailstorm manufacturers are confident they can mimic the Predator's swivel-mounted design.


The Avalanche causes damage to everything, including its pilots.

This quadruped is so large it requires multiple Beta inside to operate maneuvering, firing and loading of shells. Due to the use of traditional, explosive-based delivery and immense payloads, firing the weapon causes tremendous amounts of vibration within the Avalanche's crew chamber. Prolonged exposure to these vibrations have been shown to cause lasting damage to the Beta inside, though plenty still volunteer for the duty all the same.


One of the strongest Beta units is also the least mobile.

The Guardian was created to fill a necessary role in the Beta army - stationary defenses. Mounted atop special Turrets, they are the epitome of offensive and defensive power. Generals in the Beta army assumed most enlisted would prefer the safety and ease of a defensive post. In a true testament to Beta determination, most volunteered for the most difficult and dangerous jobs.

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