Today we are spotlighting the Human's air units: the stealthy Monitor, tough Scythe, and bomb wielding Scimitar. Want to command the skies? These are the units that are going to get you air superiority!

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Which air unit do you tend to use the most?


Awareness and knowledge of your enemy wins both wars and games.

If knowing is half the battle, the Monitor could win wars all on its own. Equipped with the latest sensor technology, the Monitor flies high above the battlefield, relaying an incredible amount of data back to the HQ. In order to be as fast and nimble as possible, the Monitor carries no offensive weapons. Instead, it excels at spotting enemy troop movements and spying on opponents' bases. The Monitor has extremely long sight range, meaning it can often gather intel in complete safety.


Not just a useful harvesting tool any more.

Among some, the Scythe carries the nickname "Reaper," which it does with great efficiency. Unlike its bomber brother, the Scythe doesn't carry physical projectiles. Instead, it launches rapid-fire energy bolts from mounted batteries. These batteries deplete rapidly and require external charging to reduce down time. The Scythe excels at harassing both air and ground targets. Its speed allows it to sneak behind enemy lines and do significant damage before enemies can even react.


Don't underestimate the damage potential of the Human bomber.

Another Human unit named for an old weapon used in the old world, though the fact that they are both weapons is where the comparison stops. The modern day Scimitar is an offensive bomber. Unlike traditional bombers, the Scimitar drops a single, high-yield bomb meant to deliver maximum damage. Between shots, the Scimitar returns to the Air Pad, where an idle warhead is loaded. Once loaded, the Scimitar takes off and activates the bomb, readying it for detonation.

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