Human units are sleek and powerful. New lore and more info about these core units of the Human faction are below. Check out the defensive Trident, hard hitting Revolver, stealthy Dagger, and tough and tanky Gladius.

Want to command the battlefield with shiny and advanced technology? These are the units that are going to get you that initial ground control!

Which core unit do you tend to use the most?


The Human Armistice changed a lot about the world, including warfare.

After the Armistice was signed, Humanity was forced to come to grips with the awesome power their world-ending technology was capable of unleashing. The Trident was the first result of that revelation. The first autonomous warmachine, the Trident's focus on defense let Humans to dip their toes back into the waters of warfare. At the same time, dozens of safety systems were put into place to ensure any one person could not wield too much destructive power.


What makes the Revolver and other Human units so effective?

Like others unit in the Human arsenal, the Revolver is a piece in a much larger whole. It is connected to every other unit in a network of wireless communication, all of them interfacing with a central server. Each army is separated from other armies. This allows for autonomous operation within a specific battle, but a theatre of combat requires Human oversight. This separation gives control to multiple Human intermediaries, preventing any one person or AI from gaining too much power.


The Dagger was built out of deadly necessity.

This unit's name is misleading. It is not a dagger itself, but the tool that finds the dagger in the dark, aimed for your back. The technology behind this unit was developed on a planet at the edge of civilized space, where savage, cold-blooded animals could refract light with their scales, rendering them invisible. Eventually, a means of detecting specific alternations of light patterns was discovered. Now, the Dagger is used to prevent invisible enemies from sneaking into sensitive areas.


Don't fix what isn't broken is the rule for the tank of the future.

Out of all the units in the Human arsenal, the Gladius more closely resembles a classic tank. The firing chambers are separated from the thrusters and set on top of a freely rotating disc. This allows the Gladius to move while firing its canons in 360 degrees. Its weapons excel at punching through armor to strike at vulnerable mechanisms inside. The Gladius remains a staple of many Human armies, a testament to the efficiency of warmachines created in the early years of mankind.

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