RiME was a hit at PAX South

Posted by DN_Kalvothe on Feb. 27, 2017, 2:50 a.m.

RiME Booth

It’s hard to believe that PAX South is already a month behind us. This was the show where we finally had the chance to let people experience RiME for the first time. During every one of the three days, the excitement and energy surrounding this opportunity was palpable. In addition to showing off the stunning visuals, vibrant landscapes and challenging puzzles to folks (fifteen minutes at a time), we also had the opportunity to speak with players who have been excited about RiME since its announcement. Their enthusiasm was great to see first-hand, but equally exciting for all of us was meeting with people who were only discovering the game for the first time.

Booth #2

Every morning, within minutes of the show floors opening, the RiME line was capped. At its peak, we had to limit it to a two-hour wait—and yet, attendees still said it was worth it. We had nearly a thousand people get their hands on RiME for the first time, and no one walked away easily. Everyone wanted to continue exploring the island, whether that meant finding secrets, playing with pigs or just enjoying the scenery. Throughout the 3-day show, we gave a fox plushie to everyone who played the demo and a t-shirt to anyone who pre-ordered the game. Pretty soon, the little orange animals were popping up everywhere on the streets of San Antonio!


In addition to the standard swag, 15 lucky people went home with unique pieces of concept art printed on canvas, most of which were autographed by the dev team. 

Art Winner

Both Tequila Works and Team Grey Box were present in full force to answer questions and discuss the game with the many interested con-goers. We even had cosplay artist FoximusPrime—herself a part of Team Grey Box—make an appearance as the boy from the game and hang out for some fan photo-ops.

FoximusIn addition to all the people who were able to play RiME for the first time, the Tequila Works team was able to sit down with press to discuss the game in more depth. Here are some examples of that coverage, and a few choice quotes from each conversation:

Hardcore Gamer

“This is a title that has every indication of being fun and engaging. The design, look, and gameplay that I saw leads me to believe that it will be an instant classic when it launches in May.”

Zelda Universe
“I said before that Rime is my favorite demo from PAX South. I was already interested in the game before playing, but after a mere 30-minute demo, the game became one of my most anticipated releases of the year.”

DVS Gaming
“There is a serenity in RiME that makes it a joy to play even if some of the puzzles don’t seem obvious at first. It looks beautiful and the soundtrack immerses you in this mysterious world but helping you feel the grandeur of this once great civilization.”

Thanks to everyone who was able to make it to the show— we really appreciate it! Be sure to keep an eye out for the RiME demo at future events as we gear up for the May launch!

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