Welcome to the new home of RiME a puzzle adventure game by Tequila Works.

Allow me a moment to introduce myself, my name is Tim "Dariuas" Slager, and I humbly offer my services to you as the Community Manager for RiME.

We have an incredible adventure ahead of us, and I am honored to be a part of that road. Welcome to the forums which will serve as the epicenter for that adventure. We have a wide range of forums available for you to discuss various parts of RiME. If you've created some fan art, or need some help with something? Ask in our Community section. Do you want to comment on what you've seen of gameplay? Well, we have a Gameplay section for just that reason.

We have also set up a RiME Art Gallery over on Tumblr, with some amazing fan creations already being displayed! Of course, we have a presence on Facebook, Twitterand least we not forget our friends over at the subreddit page. Finally, our Youtube channel is still being setup, but will let everyone know when it is ready.

We have also introduced a new Spoiler feature on the forums, so as people start to speculate and discuss the story, please keep in mind some people may not want to have the game spoiled for them. Please be considerate of other community members and don't engage in personal attacks or discussions that might be offensive. We want to maintain a supportive and fun community, and I need your help to encourage that.

Finally, make sure you follow and like our various social media channels and of course check out our Community Blog .

Welcome to the RiME community, your adventure awaits!

Tim "Dariuas" Slager
RiME Community Manager