I've been looking forward to play Rime for quite some time and I recently purchased a copy for my Nintento Switch and sadly the game is a huge disappointment because of stuttering framerate.
I installed the latest patch and the game is still running at way to low framerate 90% of the time.
What buggles me even more is the game stuttering when I'm inside structures and there's no landscapes in the background to render. At least the way I know UE4, working with the engine myself, it should be culling away these things and only render what's visible.

Or maybe your LOD system needs a serious overhaul. It's difficult for me to pinpoint exactly at what's causing the performance problems but this game should have never been released to the Switch the way it currently performs. I can understand that the performance will vary with different PC's as this is next to impossible for a developer to make sure the games run smoothly on every pc but with a console, it should not be so difficult to ensure games run smoothly considering they are all built the same way.

I sincerely hope you guys have a new big update to kill all these performance drops because it is killing your game!
If Nintendo can develop a game as large as Zelda:Breath of The Wild and make it run smooth as butter 99% of the time on the Switch; so can you with Rime. If it's not possible, the game should have never been released to the Switch in the first place.