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I'm pretty excited to get this game for my switch, very pleased with the price reduction and the bso on the physical copy, hope it got realesed soon!

AndrewWeirArt#7360 posted (#post-1485) said:

Hello Rime Creative Contest Team!

I was heavily inspired by your original trailer and artwork back in 2014. I created a scene which wasn't purely inspired and related to Rime, but I did try to make the scene very similar to your grass, rocks and water! which is a large percentage of the scene anyway! hope it qualifies. Great competition, look forwards to seeing more artwork!
I just wanted to know if we can create anything in any format for this competition; from short films and stories to photography and character art work.

Crimsonwolfy#8640 posted (#post-1948) said:

I want to buy one so bad
me too

RLPerigo#1142 posted (#post-1835) said:

This piece was inspired by the feeling of open air, the energy of a sea breeze and endless blues.

Unlock the Sea is my idea of placing a puzzle into the sea utilizing the position of the sun's cast shadows and force of the waves.

VenomGhost#4971 posted (#post-5864) said:

I can totally agree that your game is a beautiful classic, it should be right next to zelda however performance issues are deteriotating user's experience across all platforms but above all the nintendo switch. Other more visually demanding games are getting better framerates thus I do hope you find the time to polish this gem so it can reach the heights it truthfully deserves, thanks in advance
thanks you