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Ah right! ok! just as its 3D, was just thinking of it as an individual scene = a post.

But yeah, i'll pick one out! and edit above!


Hello all, thanks for checking out my submission to the contest!

This was an old project initially inspired by Rime! Specifically I tried to replicate the grass, rocks and water! hope you like it, cant wait to see more submissions!

This image is my submission to the contest:

If you want to see more of that scene you can go here:

Hello Rime Creative Contest Team!

I was heavily inspired by your original trailer and artwork back in 2014. I created a scene which wasn't purely inspired and related to Rime, but I did try to make the scene very similar to your grass, rocks and water! which is a large percentage of the scene anyway! hope it qualifies. Great competition, look forwards to seeing more artwork!