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Glad to see that i am not the only one having this issue.

After getting the Dark and Quite achievement myself - All other achievements ceased to trigger properly.

An i agree with you Reece I trully loved playing the game - Hopefully support will be able to provide some help.

DN_VAQSeeN#4882 posted (#post-6657) said:

Hey Scott C!

I've heard of problems with Xbox One Achievements and Challenges not completing.

You can try some of these solutions I found from the Xbox One Support Page:

  1. Make sure you're connected to Xbox Live

  2. Check the Xbox Live service status to ensure the service is up and running

  3. Check your achievements progress on your console

  4. Check your achievement progress online

  5. Restart your console

All detailed instructions for the solutions above can be found here (clickable link).

Hope that helps!

1 - Xbox Live is always connected
2 - Xbox Live status is up and running and was at the time
3 - Achievements progress on the console does/did not progress even after waiting over a week now. All items have been found and are in inventory shards, outfits, toys, etc...
4 - Online progress reflects the same thing as the console
5 - The system has been rebooted and even unplugged. Still nothing as far as progress.

At this time i'm very disenchanted with the results and reluctant to invest anymore time into the game. Which makes me wonder if this would occur with other greybox games. Considering that other games and thier achievements have worked successfully without a hitch afterwards (meaning playing Rime).

I'm not bashing anyone or the company as i understand that glitches do happen - But i have been messaged from another user on Xbox Live that indicated they are having the same issue and asked if i have found a solution yet. After they read my post here online.

Achievements are not unlocking on Xbox One X (An ive only played Rime on the Xbox)- Completed game to end and ran through again afterwards. By selecting the 1st chapter in the menu - Along the way of running through from the starting point i've unlocked some missed items - Last achievement to register was Dark and quite - However some achievements are not unlocking - example Lost Lullby - I have all six shells and can play the tune from start to end in the extras menu. But it will not unlock - Another example is Bite the Dust etc...

Any suggestions off the top of anyones head?

Username on Xbox is Tweek11