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WHAT.....NO MAP????? All three retailers(BestBuy, GameStop and Amazon) no longer state that the switch version will come with the map as a preorder bonus!!! I WANT MY MAP!!!!! Lol.

Best Buy just send me an email stating that the Switch version for this game is delayed until AUGUST! Is this true? I thought that porting over to the Switch was E-Z! Lol.

I will get this on the Switch as a physical copy. The extra $10 is only slightly annoying! You should have made all physical versions $39 w/map, and digital versions $29 w/no map!

Since Amazon(US) is not selling the Switch version, as of yet. I've preordered w/Best Buy, but they are not showing a map as a bonus. May I assume that ALL Switch preorders will have the map no matter which store you order from?