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Oh, that's a bummer... Well, just in case, please have this request duly noted in case an update is needed in the future. In the meantime, I'll wait, hoping to play the game one day with a proper camera smile

Thanks for your attention anyway

Ummm... is there a reason why this thread is overlooked? I see all the other "Support" issues being addressed. All but this one -_-

I need the X Axis inverted too! Please guys, could you make that happen in the next patch smile


Been a follower of RiME's progress for the past few weeks and I actually got very excited when it came out last week. Today I finally bought my PS4 copy, ready to enjoy it smile

But to my dismay, I learned when I started to get control of the boy that the camera options do not include the inverted X-Axis, only the Y one. More and more games tend to do that lately (Horizon Zero Dawn one of the most recent cases, although I hear it's been recently updated with the X-Axis option, kudos to them).

In any case, many people including myself invert both axis when playing 3rd person games, and not having these options can impact quite negatively in our gaming experience. Could RiME have the inverted X-axis option be added in the near future?

I can't wait to play this game without having to worry about this. Cheers and thanks in advance!