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What did you make it with?

Hello everyone!

This is the piece I have composed (in 2 days only, unfortunately) for the RiME Creative Contest!

It has been recorded with an acoustic piano, and you might hear some cranky noise time to time, due to my piano stool. But I judged that the piece is audible enough to be rated on itself and not it's quality. I have mixed two tracks using Audacity since the original melody would be too hard to play precisely in one go, and the whole was recorded with a headset microphone. So, now you know about everything about the work in its progress. I hope you enjoy the piece!

Soundcloud link:

Also, feel free to tell me what you think about the composition!

Great work! I love the approach that you took!

KrunkFu is right - as I was listening to it on SoundCloud, for the first minute I thought it was my mistake. Sorry to say this, but this is the same exact song's instrumental with some piano arpeggios and the melody is played with a wind instrument - I think it's a piccolo.

What method did you use? I wanted to guess pastel but it looks like oil on canvas...

As a soundtrack, I like it a lot. Makes us feel the puzzle in the game.

However, I feel like you could have had an ending on the tonal note. Sure, the half-cadence leaves some "puzzle-y" suspense, but that is already what fills up the song.

Good luck for the contest!

If only the main guitar was played by strings and the percussion with timpani, the composition would be perfect!

Good luck for the contest!

Prone to win! This should be your profession!

Could have had a better description, rather than "Let's explore and discover every new story!", the title is great, I love the perspective. Good luck!