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When launching RiME on a computer with multiple monitors attached, RiME would load on the monitor that is alphabetically first, even if it was not set as main. This should no longer happen.
Fixed an issue in the Extras menu that would cause navigation issues when swapping between keyboard/controller.
Lowered the volume of the music in the credits. jiofi.local.html

Today we've released an update to PC version of RiME that should improve performance

-Setting VSync to Double Buffering and running in Fullscreen has helped some users resolve performance issues (Confirmed on some Nvidia 9 series cards)
-Shadows and lighting are dynamic RiME. Reducing shadow quality has helped some users resolve performance issues. my ip birthday wishes tneb

No Purchase Necessary. You do not need to own GAME to enter. This giveaway is void where prohibited.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any additional questions or concerns you may have. Thanks again for your continued support! auto clicker word unscrambler jumble solver

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