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[KrunkFu#6799] This is all there is right now I think...

Great job....thanks for that :-)

Thanks @KrunkFu

And to confirm I've just opened up the page again (now it's day time here) and the image is definitely different (similar scene but daylight and with the fox in the foreground). I don't think the hotspots are any different though, so just aesthetic, but a very nice touch.

NB: I tried changing my system time and it doesn't change the scene when you refresh so presumed it was estimating my time zone based on IP address. So I used a VPN based in a country that's currently night time and voila...scene changed smile

It seems the website's had a few updates to the explore tab, and there's a load of new screenshots & concept art.

  • There are 4 background images (right hand bubble directly under the tower)

  • A "follow me" star game which once you complete get a piece of music (for download) from the game.

And also I think the picture on the explore tab changes based on whether it's day or night time for you. I had a quick look while at work earlier and I'm sure it was different to what I see now. Currently it's 21:00 here and I get a night time image with a scary thing at the front. Anyone currently in day time able to confirm?

If I'm right I don't think the hotspots change, just the image.

I guess these videos aren't really aimed at us. Most people on this forum would have already made up their mind so anything more is just purely a spoiler. If it helps convince more people to get the game...great. Personally I was already sold on the game though!

Thanks @Oninus

I'm not sure how long the game is going to be, but suspect it won't be super long, so I'm desperately trying not to watch these to avoid too many spoilers!

Good news. As an old Ultima player I love me a cloth map smile

Sorry to reply to myself again...but just saw this on the blog:

Not going to PAX? Don't worry! You'll have a chance to get your hands on the swag we're giving out at PAX! Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook for more details!

Not to mention all the concept art that people have been winning there. Very jealous, any chance of a/some competition or way to buy for those of us who aren't at PAX?

From Twitter

They've been giving these out at PAX, and my son (& I!) want to know how we can get one smile smile (SOURCE)

They've said there won't be any public alpha/beta testing...which doesn't mean there won't be a demo, but generally they're synonymous, and publishers will call a demo a beta so they can change it smile