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I finished RiME on Siwtch and the critics were really ruthless! I did not find the game as catastrophic as they say. There are indeed some worries mainly in the first world but the experience remains intact. RiME is a wonderful game that I discovered by ignoring critics. Thank you, I hope you will come up with solutions to silence the bad languages!
We will be providing you with our direction in January, so please keep an eye on social media for that announcement.

Jutt369#4125 posted (#post-1876) said:

Hi Cody,
It's really great to see the producers so involved with keeping the community up to date!
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I am wondering if you might be able to tell us when the release date for RiME on Nintendo Switch might be in Australia. I am very excited for this game and was shocked when the Switch was the only system that wasn't included in the release date.

Cheers!The Switch won over only because it's the newer console and I work away a lot and love platformer puzzle games so being able to take RiME with me will be great!

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Hey everyone,

The creative contest has come to a close, and the judges spent four days going through all of the entries to decide the winners. Each entry was individually judged based on Creativity (35%), Emotional Conveyance (30%), Uniqueness/Originality (20%), Complexity (7.5%), and Skill (7.5%).

We had a huge variety of submissions, from an epic rap to an intricately carved wooden puzzle. In the end, only three winners could be selected xender discord omegle

So please join me in congratulating:




We would like to thank everyone for their hard work and submissions to this contest. I am thrilled with the amount of creativity all of you shared with us throughout this entire event.