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I noticed one of the submissions someone posted uses a RiME gameplay video along with their own music. Any word on if I will be able to use that official RiME music in my video?

For my video I was thinking about adding some music as a finishing touch but probably won't have time to record my own. Would I be able to use this song that is available to download from the RiME website?

(You will have to copy/paste the url if the link doesn't work.)

I like it. For some reason it reminds me a lot of Chris Isaak - Wicked Game

Looks like I've got some competition.

What you did with the triangles in the background was really clever.

Absolutely fantastic work!

Great color choice. Love the purple-ish hues.

I like the watercolor feel of this piece. It looks great.

This is pretty good. Great Job!

Can this comment be deleted? For reason it posted my question twice

Can we post a video or at least a gif as our final submission?

I'm curious, Dariuas, was there anything hidden before this update?