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There are 10 hotspots. 1 leads to a reveal trailer, 1 to a image gallery, 1 to a memory game that opens up sound file with some nice music, and the rest are concept art.

I've been looking through the sites source code to see if I can spot anything but I haven't seen anything that had caught my eye yet. That being said I am dyslexic, sleep deprived, and have missed that part were it talks about the secrets on the blog like 3 times now so don't take my word for it lol. Have a look for yourself.

Here is the background image from the front this site. Its 3840x2520. I think it would make a great desktop background.

About page image:

Can you provide a link to the blog post?

I'll be getting the PC version. I plan on doing an art/gameplay breakdown where I recreate parts of the game in unreal engine 4 to teach people about game development and its much easier to do all the recording on PC. I hope they have controller support for PC though.

I know the game isn't out yet and so this is probably too early to be discussed but this game is visually stunning so I have to ask. Do you, the devs, plan on releasing an artbook or at least do some kind of breakdown on polycount?

The only breakdown sort of thing I could find so far is a post about vertex shaders. Here it is if anyone else is also interested in this sort of stuff