RiME will not have any sort of alpha or beta testing.

Seek to explore and secrets you shall behold.

A few months ago we released the Key art that KrunkFu posted in various resolutions. You can find them in our Facebook Album.

If you guys decide to make your own be sure to drop it on our Tumblr Page


I love our emotes!

We do have a Steam page already setup.

I thought it would be nice to do some introductions.

My name is Tim "Dariuas" Slager, I am the Team Grey Box Community Manager working on RiME.

I have been involved in building communities as a fan for more than 15 years. I started with Ultima Online and progressed through the MMORPG genre for many years. Here at Six Foot, I work closely with all of our teams to ensure the voice of the community is heard. I have a beautiful wife and a son who will be turning 2 soon, and I am originally from Michigan. :-)

I am really looking forward to seeing all of the amazing fan art that people post on the Tumblr page, and all of the story speculation that will eventually crop up!

So, that is me in a nutshell. Tell me, tell us about you! Where do you come from? What are you most excited about for RiME?

Right now, those pre-orders are not available. We are working with our partners to address this and as soon as we have those sites available we will update the functionality of that button.

One thing to consider is the local retailers may have pre-orders available.

I'll update this thread the moment I have any news for you!


Hey Tchrin,

Thanks for pointing out the challenges in finding the Fanart section, I will work with our web team to fix that.


Keep looking for secrets, you'll find them! :-)

4362937/" target="_blank">Snowyday#4410 posted (#post-13)

I be getting this on Nintendo Switch hopefully there is a retail version can't wait to see more

We do not yet have an answer to whether it will be a retail release or digital release on the Switch. We're still working with our teams to figure out the best solution.

We will keep you updated as we make one!

Hey there!

The score in the trailer we released was done by David Garcia.

Thanks for asking!

Aww, I am glad you're so excited.

When the game releases we will of course allow videos and streams!

If you're the creative type we do have a Tumblr page set up that you can share your own creations on!

I'll also share with the team how much you love the smileys.

Welcome to RiME!