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More than likely on PC for me and the Switch for the wife.

Hello everyone!

My name is Pedro, and like the big man Dariuas I started in Ultima Online. I am mostly an RPG gamer, and love my MMO's.

I've played pretty much every MMORPG until 2015 when I got married...but my biggest and longest tenure was Dark Age of Camelot for a little over 7 years until Warhammer Online came out, I'm a very loyal player and WHO was the next installment from Mythic's Studios, so I went there to help them as they invited me to the internal testing for over a year before the release.

The one thing I love about RPGs and MMORPG's are the story and the immersion (nothing has beaten UO's music when it comes to immersion). If I can lose myself in the game, and become enchanted in a new world and be able to roleplay my character, then the game is a winner to me.

Outside of gaming, I'm a Network Security Engineer with specialization in McAfee SIEM and Encryption.

Oh, and I'm at the fantastic Dallas area smile