What platform will you get this on?

12 de Mayo de 2017 a las 12:33

Collectors Edition for PC and also buying it on steam because I dont have a cd drive smile

Feel free to add me on Steam!

13 de Mayo de 2017 a las 16:33

I pre ordered a physical copy of the XboxOne version through Amazon back in February, I really want that cloth map!

A few weeks ago Amazon changed their delivery date to May 31st... I got clarification on here from Dariuas that the physical and digital both come out the 26th, but when Amazon's page didn't change for a week or so after I got the clarification from Dariuas I pre ordered the digital version on PS4 haha! I did get a nice theme at least though smile

So I have pre ordered a physical copy on XboxOne and digital on PS4.

28 de Mayo de 2017 a las 10:02

Looking forward for Nintendo Switch! smile