Can't wait for the Game

5 de Enero de 2017 a las 07:10

it's look fantastic! I love this soft drawing style...

Now on my Steam Wishlists smile How many days to wait? Perhaps too many smile

By the way...will you allow Gameplays on Youtube or Twitch? Maybe this question is a little bit too early, but I am soo fascinated by this Game ... smile

Oh and I like the Smileys smile smile smile smile

5 de Enero de 2017 a las 11:54

Aww, I am glad you're so excited.

When the game releases we will of course allow videos and streams!

If you're the creative type we do have a Tumblr page set up that you can share your own creations on!

I'll also share with the team how much you love the smileys.

Welcome to RiME!

Tim "Dariuas" Slager
RiME Community Manager