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My name is Danny. I live in Massachusetts. I am trying to play RiME, but i am stuck with certain areas. Is there a players guide coming for the game? I would love one, even if it's from i think that's the url to it.

I also have a cooooooooooool website and are looking for help. but i don't mind if this is for something else.



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The set date for release is May 26th 2017 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Nintendo Switch will be at a later date.

PLEASE, give us a temp date, So we can get ready for the full game it self.


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RiME will not have any sort of alpha or beta testing.

Why Not, It would be awesome to try it out before we buy the game. Please do a demo for it. since the game isnt coming to the Switch till summer.