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Hi! I'm Tabby with the Tech Support Team, and I have been super excited about RiME since I first found out about it over a year ago. I have pursued both art and music throughout my career in various capacities, and still keep a small studio of piano students outside of my work here. I am so excited about this contest, even though I was not selected as one of the judges. smile I am always interested in fan art and am constantly amazed by the creativity of the video gaming community, and even though I've only looked through about 10 submissions so far, I'm really impressed with what you guys have come up with. Since I'm not eligible to compete, I threw down a little doodle and posted it on the tumblr.

I wish you all the best of luck in the competition!


Lovely. I was a music major in school, and I can say with confidence that your composition lent a lovely background to a lovely storybook handling of the first parts of RiME. Bravo!

It kind of reminds me of some of the tracks on the Minecraft soundtrack. I love it!

How creative! Very cool.

I really love the flow of your sketch lines in this piece, and the darker colors are very evocative. Awesome job! Did you use a tablet to sketch in Krita? My daughter is an artist and just got a tablet, and is looking for free software to work with.

I love the crosshatching you did on the fox's fur! Awesome. Is this prismacolor or digital or something else?