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ruben_oluwa#6607 posted (#post-1606)

Hi there,

I'm working with a friend of mine trying to create a "musical illustration". The point here is we've been working as a team, helping each other in order to create a very particular atmosphere in which the song is just as important as the painting is.

We're up to submit these two parts as a whole, uploading the illustration to Imgur and the song to Soundcloud but since you say we cannot upload more than one submission per person, would this work be accepted in the contest?

If it won't be, we still can upload a video, isn't it?


Sadly we can only accept one entry per person, if it is a joint effort, I would recommend uploading the two parts together on a site like Youtube and submit that.

Hope this helps!

Cannot wait to see it!

KrunkFu#6799 posted /" target="_blank">(#post-15smile)

Can we post a video or at least a gif as our final submission?

Of course

RiME will release in both physical and digital on May 26th for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Hope this helps!

zuljin#3470 posted (#post-1569)

We can make traditional or digital art no?

What ever you would like!

We have not announced a release date yet for the Nintendo Switch. Any dates you see are a placeholder until we announce a date.

Thanks for reaching out!

KelseyK#0616 posted (#post-1560)

Hello! I have an illustration I did that is very RiME inspired - should I just make a new thread within this section? I thought we were supposed to post in that one thread, but it's locked.

Yes please make a new thread

OrionNDA#3161 posted (#post-1558)

Hello! I'd love to take part in the contest. Unfortunately I'm from Brazil, but I have a relative who lives in US. Would I be able to participate using my relative's address?


When we pick a winner we have to verify their location and age by way of an identification check, either through scanned ID or other means. If your verification says Brazil you would not qualify to win the prize. So, it sounds like as you are a resident of Brazil that you would not qualify. I am sorry!

Wow! This is spectacular! Thank you for sharing.

AardvarkAvenger#0629 posted (#post-1499)

Best Buy just send me an email stating that the Switch version for this game is delayed until AUGUST! Is this true? I thought that porting over to the Switch was E-Z! Lol.

We have not announced an exact release date for the Nintendo Switch yet. We are looking at Q3 right now and will update with a final date once we have it.

pmiller001#9539 posted (#post-1497)

I have a question!. can we post wip images? I'd like to show the process of the piece as I'm working on it. or are we relegated to only putting the final piece in our submission thread?

Please do! Just make sure the final product is available on 5/17!